June 29, 2015
For Immediate Release: #TheGreatDebate

To Media /Assignment Editors

The Trinidad & Tobago Debates Commission is pleased to advise that it has completed its first round of discussions with political parties in the upcoming National Elections Debates.

The Commission is encouraged by the strong expressions of interest from all sides and is confident that this augurs well for a meaningful event.

Chairman of the Commission, Andrew Sabga said, “With the feedback we have now received, we believe that we have a path forward for these historic elections’ debates to take place.” He further stated, “It is our intention to create a significant media event that provides an open and fully transparent format that gives political leaders the opportunity to connect with all members of the national community in an unprecedented way.”

The Commission is actively seeking sponsorship for the debates and is encouraging businesses, organizations as well as individuals to invest in the event as a means of educating the public and heightening awareness of the challenges of governance and leadership in Trinidad and Tobago today.

The primary objective of the Trinidad & Tobago Debates Commission since its formation in 2010, is “To strengthen the democratic process by staging electoral debates on matters of national importance to assist the electorate in making informed political choices.”

Our aim is to bring T&T’s election process into the 21st century by making it possible for the public to hear the policies and plans of the Leaders of parties that are seeking to form the government. The debates create a structured and dignified forum for such dialogue, outside of the usual rhetoric-filled frenzy of political rallies.

For more information on the Commission and #TheGreatDebate, check our website at www.ttdc.org.tt.